Flygerians recipe

On a Wednesday evening the aroma wafting over from next door at The Old Nun’s Head is just too irresistible. The pop-up kitchen each week is hosted by sisters Jess & Jo, AKA the Flygerians, AKA the Garden of Edun, serving up their Nigerian take on traditional British classics. These energetic ladies are also found hosting supper clubs at Studio@61 raising funds for local charities such as Little Village and the Westminster House Youth Club.

To whet the appetite, here is their recipe for their classic Cassava fries…
Or pop to the Old Nuns Head on Wednesdays 6-10pm (kids allowed til 8.30pm)

Keep up to date with these active sisters via @thegardenofedun on twitter & instagram

Naughty pot of cassava (one of our signature dishes)

What the hell is cassava I hear you ask? Cassava is a healthier vegan alternative to
chips and French fries. It’s a root vegetable grown in most tropical countries
especially in Africa. Nigeria is the world’s largest producer of cassava as the root
veg thrives in hot climates. In the UK it can be found at Asian and African food
markets, head down to Peckham high street to purchase this delicious melt in
your mouth, crispy-extra but soft-centre veg of deliciousness! You won’t regret it!

Author: The Flygerians
Recipe type: Starter / side dish
Serves : 3-4

What you will need
 2-3 pounds of cassava
 1 pinch of salt and 1 pinch of pepper ( add to taste)

 Chopped spring onions – 2 full stems
 Cooking oil ( enough to fill a mini deep fryer if you have one or enough to
fill a medium pot half way)
 Sharp cutting/ peeling knife

1. Carefully cut off both end of your cassava and cut it long ways in half.
2. Make a shallow cut into the skin of your cassava and carefully make your
way through it to cut off the skin. ( like you would peel a potato- the old
school way)
3. Cut into chunky chip shapes, once it’s all cut rinse the cassava with some
warm water to remove any Cassava skin residue.
4. Place the cassava in a pot of warm or boiling water on the stove, enough to
cover the cassava.
5. Bring to boil and cook on a high heat till tender. Use a fork to check if its
boiled, it should be soft and you should be able to pierce the cassava the
whole way through.
6. Whilst the cassava is boiling put your oil in another pan or turn on your
deep fryer to heat up the oil.
7. Once your cassava is cooked drain the water and wait for the oil in your
separate pot/ fryer to be hot.
8. Dunk them in carefully and let them cook for 6-8 mins.
9. Remove them from the pot/ fryer into a serving dish or individual naughty
pots. (how we serve ours)
10. Sprinkle some salt and pepper to taste and ENJOY! Best served hot with
your choice of dip. We serve ours with a homemade crayfish and tomato

Delicious Recipes from Nunhead Chef

You may have already tried one of these delicious recipes from Banana Blossom, as shared in the Spring issue of The Nunhead Voice.
Local Chef, Ranjan, has had regular pop-ups at the Bussey Building in Peckham and is available to whip up private meals for 2 to 100 people.

Give these a try to start with…

Aubergine and Okra in tamarind.
1 big Aubergine cut into rounds and then quartered. Cover with a pinch of salt and 1/2 tsp turmeric
Same volume as aubergine of Okra, topped and tailed and cut into 1/4ss lengthways
Cubic inch of tamarind pulp in 1 cup of boiling water
cubic inch of ginger, grated
I tbs sunflower oil
Mustard seeds tbs, red chili x 1 de-seeded, turmeric  1 x flat tsp, 1 x heaped tsp paprika, 4 cardamon pods cracked and the seeds taken out
In one pan fry the aubergine until golden brown.
In another simultaneously heat oil in pan till smoking, add mustard seeds and chili.
Wait till mustard seeds pop. Add okra and pinch of salt and turn down heat, move around till the okra colours,
Add the ginger, turmeric and paprika and cardamon seeds. Stir in then after a minute add the strained tamarind infusion and a pinch of salt. bubble away for a minute
Add the pre-fried aubergine. taste to salt and serve.
A handful of fresh mint makes a lovely garnish as well.
Serve with rice and / or chapatis.
Shukto for Four
This is a classic bengali stir fry. A USP is Bora or croutons made from chola dal, also known as chora vada. You can get these in Bengali and Gujrati shops. If none nearby you can make your own simply by cooking red lentils or the chola dal etc by boiling till fluffy in scant water, then draining and whizzing / pounding into a paste, seasoning with salt, pepper and chili powder / paprika and garam masala, forming into ping pong sized balls.


2 Courgettes, 1 cm cubes
1/4 pumpkin / butternut squash – 2cm cubes
Radishes, mouli / white radish, Halve red radish and cube the mouli
Greens – 250g spinach / 200 g cavalo nero, kale, roughly chopped
cubic inch of ginger, grated
Bori / Chora Vada – chola dal croutons 100g
Nigella seeds tablespoon, fenugreek seeds teaspoon, red chili x 1 de-seeded, Asafoetida powder tsp, desiccated coconut 2 tbs, turmeric powder 1/2 tsp, cinnamon powder 1/2 tsp, 4 green chilies to decorate
Fry in 1 tbs sunflower oil, the bora till they are a more golden brown hue. put to one side.
Wipe pan and her heat another tbs in wok until smoking, add nigella, fenugreek and red chili. When nigella is whizzing in the pan, add the pumpkin and a pinch of salt and work around the wok for a few minutes till the pumpkin is taking on some colour.
Add courgettes and a pinch of salt and work the wok some more, for a minute or two
Ad the Hing, stir in then the coconut and grated ginger, stir some more,
Add the greens with a pinch more salt and cover and turn heat down. Let the liquid from the greens come out, steam the dish. After a couple of minutes see how much liquid there is, if not much apparent i.e. if using kale / cavalo nero, add a half glass.
Add radishes red and white and the bora fried. Cover and steam. When pumpkin is soft, take off lid
Add final taste of salt, pepper, cinnamon and whole green chilis.
Discover authentic Bengali vegetarian and vegan cuisine with Nunhead-based Banana Blossom, which offers expert catering for dinner parties and soirees, creating authentic curries and hotpots and more. For further information, call 07949 657 360, email or see

Nunhead CAN Meeting – 14th December, 5.45 pm to 7.45 pm

The issue of Loneliness has had lots of media coverage recently; which supports what so many said at the last Nunhead CAN meeting about it becoming a bigger issue particularly for young people.

A recent conversation with Claire Sheppard revealed the new national priorities agreed by the Women’s Institute movement which recognises many other points in people’s lives when they become lonely and isolated – including pregnancy or early parenthood; being a carer; suffering a long illness; etc. So, the meeting’s topic of Loneliness is going to be much broader than originally envisaged, and one that touches us all.

Hopefully this offers us much greater scope to strengthen networking, make better links in activities, and create opportunities for helping better address these issues together; and I’m sure we’ll have ideas about how public services could be better joined-up too.

It’ll be good that we can hold it at The Green too after the roof problems of the last two months, and an opportunity for all to meet Jasmin who manages the Centre, and hear about his ambitions for developing its role.

To see what was discussed at the last meeting click here.


Photography exhibition by Gabrielle Guy – “Work in Progress” – From 27th November to 10th December

27 November – 10 December 2017
Private view/celebration day, Saturday 2 December 3-5pm

“work in progress is a personal exploration of my parent’s homeland Tobago, West Indies. This emerged as a coping mechanism for my grandfathers death from cancer in 2014. These works provide not only a glimpse into one of the less well known Caribbean Islands, but also a record of the emotions invoked when I visited.” – Gabrielle Guy

For opening times please contact the centre on 020 7732 6543

Photography and Text by Gabrielle Guy | Curation by Tracey Francis

The Green is now OPEN

We have reopened the door today (16th November) after almost 7 weeks of closure.

Most of the regular activities have found alternative venues during the closure so please check with your trainer/teacher what exact day they will be returning to run their activities from The Green again.

The Ivy Club is opening next week as well and senior yoga and chair-based exercises are back on next week.

We thank you all on the patience and the great support you have shown us.



Nunhead’s Voice AGM ’17 – 4th November – 11 am to 12 pm


Does it meet your expectations?
Come along and share your thoughts about what you would like to see happening at The Green.

Come along and find out how you can participate in future plans to make The Green relevant to everyone in the Nunhead community.


for more information contact Nunhead’s Voice Secretary
Cris Claridge

Nunhead Art Trail @ The Green

Nunhead Art Trail is an annual event that gives local artists the opportunity to showcase their work in their homes or studios. It’s a really fun day out navigating yourself around numerous venues using the Nunhead Art trail map to explore, meet the talented folk of Nunhead and even buy their art.

This year, The Green is proud to announce that it will be hosting an exhibition of art made by children during our Arts Workshop, in which they responded experimentally to music, movement , silence, the body and colour, and the result will be on display for everyone to see.

We will also be home to Fragma, a photography collective Fragma – Andreia Neves Nunes, Antonio Rendeiro, Claudia Florencio, Paula Alves and Rodolfo Gil – that emerged from a common interest about the subject of image, intersecting the contemporary, yet distinct visions of their authors.

Don’t miss it! This Saturday 23rd from 11 am to 6 pm and Sunday 24th from 1 pm to 6 pm.

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