The Green Community Fun Day – 6th May 2017

Come and join us at The Green Community Centre for a day full of activities for all ages:
– Enjoy a free virtual reality experience;
– Free face painting for the little ones;
– Musicians not to be missed;
– Try a range of our regular classes for free, for both adults and kids;
– Free coffee and tea;
– Homemade cakes with proceeds going to charity.

Come and support your local Community Centre.



11 am – 1 pm – Workshop of Innovation

The Workshop of Innovation is an engineering club designed to help children see how science is used in the real world through building projects.  The projects provide children with the opportunity to use Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths (STEAM) in a practical and meaningful way.

For the taster session, activities will include:

Designing a real life Angry Birds theme park game;
Creating a catapult to launch angry birds and;
Programming robots to compete in a tournament

If your child is interested in design, construction and science and wants to explore something new, bring them along to this exciting workshop!

See the website for more info:

11 am – 1 pm – Nunhead Community Choir

Nunhead Community Choir is a fun, friendly group that just loves to sing. Their songs include pop classics, show tunes and folk songs from all around the world.

See the website for more info:




2 – 2.50 pm – GDND Dance

Come and join us with your preschoolers as we teach them fun dances in our Mini moves and Twinkly toes workshop.
Open to children between 2.5 yrs – 4 yrs, we’ll have them jump, skip and hopping to the beat with the amazing Miss Sophie who runs our regular class on a Friday at The Green.

See the website for more info:


3 – 3.40 pm – Dancehall Dynamite

Dancehall Dynamite is a fun, high energy cardio workout for all fitness levels. This workout is more like a night out, listening, enjoying and learning all about the history and culture of Jamaican Dancehall, it’s music, new and old skool Jamaican dance moves.
You do not need to know how to dance! It’s all about getting down and letting loose to old and new favourite dancehall tracks. The aim is to have as much fun as you can and at the same time burn, tone and shape your body in all the right places.

The funday will consist of a Dancehall Dynamite workshop which will focus on Jamaican  Dancehall, authentic Jamaican dance moves and its musical culture. The aim is to enjoy, let your hair down, have fun and keep fit all at the same time.

Email for more info:

3.50 – 4.40 pm – Eitan Krav Maga

Eitan Krav Maga invites you to join us for a fun, action-packed, 45-minute, self-defence training session. You may have seen Krav Maga fight scenes in Hollywood movies such as Taken, Bond and Bourne Identity. Now, come and find out exactly why Krav Maga is considered the best real-life, self-defence system in the world today. Learn simple, effective skills that you will be able to use immediately after training and feel great!

See the website for more info:

5 – 5.30 pm – Tasha Love

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist with a passion for expression of music from the inspiration of love and life.


5.30 – 6.15 pm – Tunday Akintan

The creator of Yorubeat plays a rare London solo gig. Tunday Akintan is the pioneer of Yorubeat music – a blend of soul and funk with Fuji-inspired overtones. A virtuoso saxophonist perform his solo sax at The Green fun day.




2 – 3.30 pm – Catherine Arnold Nutrition

Nunhead Nutritional Therapist Catherine Arnold will be offering FREE 15 minute consultations to anyone who wants to optimise their health and wellbeing through diet. Find out how Nutritional Therapy can help you! Book your 15 minute slot by emailing

For more information about Catherine take a look at her website:



2 – 3.30 pm – Lindsay Gill

Lindsay Gill will be teaching a massage story that can be shared with family, friends and work colleagues. She is also offering taster sessions in Reflexology, Indian head massage, traditional Thai foot massage and Japanese Facial Rejuvenation –  £5 for 15 minutes.






2 – 3.30 pm – Jennifer Tuft Groove Dance

2 – 3.30 pm – Margot Franklin

Margot is a qualified therapist in complementary therapies – Reflexology and Indian Massage. She will be doing tester treatments on the day – creating a calming and relaxing feeling, enhancing well-being and health.

3.30 – 4 pm – Yoga Taster Session

Kevin Bridge will be hosting a free Yoga Fusion session. Yoga Fusion is a collaboration of different yoga styles such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. This class will give the praticioner a experience of different yoga technics in each session. The objective of this class is to help one de-stress, improve flexability, strengthen the core, improve balance and detox the body.

Suitable for mixed abilities.

4 – 4.30 pm – Groove Dance

Enjoy a variety of music and dance styles with Jennifer Tuft’s Groove Dance, a free 30 minute dance workout that will make the time fly by.


2 – 5 pm – Virtual Reality

Go on an adventure…
– Roller coaster ride!

– 1st person shoot en’ up fun “Robo Recall”!

– Experience a spooky manson which WILL heighten your senses like NEVER before!


Face Painting;

Peter the Magician;

Games for everyone;

Cake sale for charity. You’re free to bring your one if you want to contribute in any way;

Free coffee and tea.

Book your place in advance for the activities.

Nunhead’s Hidden Spaces

Every Shade of Green in Nunheadstatue in the cemetery

It’s an chilly, overcast Sunday afternoon in London and I’m a little gloomy having just returned from 3,200 meters above sea level in the French Pyrenees. I grab my little Cannon G12 and decide to look for some inspiration in Nunhead’s many green spaces.

I start with Nunhead Cemetery, or rather All Saints Cemetery Nunhead, as it is one of my personal favourites. You may be amused that I choose a 52 acre Victorian cemetery to lift a gloomy mood – not a natural choice you may think. It’s the last Sunday of April and I bump into the team from F.O.N.C. (Friends of Nunhead Cemetery). Their lovely warm smiles – and Portakabin office – are looking very inviting but I stay focussed on my photography mission. Rob volunteers to take me on a private walking tour of the western side of the cemetery. This is the part I am least familiar with so I accept the kind offer happily.

flowersI’m surprised to discover that the western side of the cemetery was for burials of people deemed “non-believers” by the church. This includes a number of notable clergy. Rob mentions that many tombs have nautical references as we are not far from Greenwich and I notice a sculpture of a gowned woman holding a ships anchor. We head uphill to yet another surprise. A solitary bench facing an unexpected and unbroken view of St Paul’s Cathedral in the distance. Rob informs me that this is one of the few views in London protected in law that can never be obstructed by development. As we amber along, Rob takes me to one of his favourite tombstones of an angel kneeling in prayer. Sweetly, someone has placed a cut bunch of Spring bluebells in the angel’s clasped hands. We walk on and come to “East Street Market” corner. This is an area of the cemetery reserved for the burial of East Street Market traders.

As Rob and I chat, I get a real insight into the tireless work of the F.O.N.C. The thing that strikes me the most is that everything the volunteers do – from repairing angel limbs, to weeding, to protecting and regenerating woodland wildlife, to removing trees that are endangering tombs – is done in such a away as to be “invisible” to the many thousands of families, artists, couples, photographers, film crews, joggers, ramblers, entomologists and dog owners who enjoy Nunhead Cemetery every single year. Perhaps contrary to its original purpose, the whole atmosphere at Nunhead Cemetery is one of both man and nature very much alive! The next Nunhead Cemetery “Annual Open Day” is on the 21st May 2016 and the “Animals in Service” Public Art exhibition commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Somme runs throughout weekends in May 2016. Not to be missed.

Kirkwood nature reserveReluctantly, I leave Rob and head to my next destination – the Kirkwood Nature Reserve. Although I live nearby, I confess I have never actually been here. The first thing I discover is that this small hidden green space is indeed a thriving nature reserve with winding path, trees in full spring blossom and all manner of birds, beetles and butterflies. Head to the rustic bridge, look for Speckled Wood butterflies and Stag beetles, rest on the well placed curved benches or bring your dog for a more energetic experience.Bench in Consort Park





My next stop couldn’t be more different – the small and perfectly manicured Consort Park. Groomed lawns, picnic benches, pruned trees and landscaped paths. This is a favourite amongst local teenagers and dog walkers alike and I meet Mike and his elderly, well-fed, bull terrier out for some late afternoon fresh air.

log bench

From Consort Park I head to the nearby Cossall Park and find yet a different experience again. This large, hidden, lawned and tree lined green space is all about carefree childhood. The local children have set up an informal football match which is now is in full swing complete with jumpers used as goalposts. View of Cossall ParkThis reminds me of my own childhood when we were free to play without adult supervision until dusk in our local parks in suburban Melbourne. It’s great to see children running, competing, yelling and laughing. Certainly puts paid to the idea that all children want to do is play with digital devices! It seems to me that if we provide safe, enclosed, green spaces children will simply come. And for such a small ward, Nunhead certainly has many, excellent green spaces for the enjoyment of adults, children and pets alike.

Vicky Kitson
24th April 2016

Work at The Green

We are looking for:

  • A Centre Administrator to be responsible for all aspects of both regular and one off user bookings, including contracts and invoicing, for the community centre
  • A Caretaker / Cleaner to be responsible for opening and closing the community centre for weekend afternoon / evening activities and cleaning it to a high standard, working to an agreed check list, ready for the next day’s activities

Closing date for applications: 26th April

Please see the Advertisements for Caretaker and Administrator 10042016.pdf for more details. Contact us for an application form and job description.

Digital by Default

IT help SM image

We are hosting FREE COMPUTER SUPPORT sessions at The Green.

These will be run by Southwark Digital Champions on Monday afternoons between 1 and 3 starting on the 18th of April.

Please tell anyone who might need help with their digital skills.

Southwark Council is becoming ‘Digital by Default’ so it is really important that everyone has the necessary skills to Get Online.

More information about the council’s efforts in this area, see their ‘Where Are We Now?’ page.